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February 15, 2013
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Designation: Mercury
Nicknames: none
Age (human terms): 23
Gender: Mech
Voice actress/actor: Ryan Reynolds
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: scientist, biologist -trainee
Alt mode: Cybertronian car
- Twin blades on both arms
- His left servo transforms into a small fusion cannon

Other abilities:
- Mercury is a master of distracting his opponents in a fight. Even in a battle he talks non-stop, and is able to move swiftly. Causes notable confusion among the enemies with his indiscretion.

-Total lack of instinct of self preservation; If someone challenges Mercury to jump off the roof you can be sure that he will do that without a second thought and head first.
-According to those close to Mercury, it was a bad joke from Primus to give him blades that are non- retractile. For being off-handed, Mercury often tends to cause damage to his surroundings with his blades.
-Clumsy; Mercury is constantly crashing on things, hitting his head on low ceilings, stumbling on objects and blundering in every way possible.

"C'mon! It'll be fun!"
"Now what could possibly happen..."

Mercury is just one of those easy-going, fun-loving, reckless young mechs who doesn't seem to be able to neither think reasonably nor take anything seriously. Mercury is very social, always willing to make new friends and meet new bots. He loves to have fun be it either playing games, training, or just general hanging out.

Many have often stated that Mercury must have some kind of a hyperactive personality since he is a terrible blabbermouth and never stays still. Yet, surprisingly, when it comes to science, Mercury can spend hours in the lab, working intently. And if someone is able to come up with a good story to share, one can be sure that Mercury will sit still and listen - for he loves stories.

Mercury is joyful by nature and possesses incredibly positive attitude. It pretty much seems that there's nothing that could break his spirit. Be it either crashing on a wall, getting hit by a Decepticon blade, or getting struck out by pretty femme; Mercury always appears have a reason to laugh at his hardships, and move on. A trait that might make him look even indifferent.

Talking non-stop, it also seems that there's no kind of filter between Mercury’s CPU and his vocal processors. Every so often, he ends up talking before thinking and blurting out things that one should remain silent of - getting others annoyed. Yet Mercury himself doesn't notice this, since it is impossible to get him baffled.

Even though Mercury very often ends up acting unconventionally, he has a kind spark. He's always willing to help his friends and cheer them up. And in the latter mentioned Mercury is the master - he's always able to make others laugh either with his jokes, or with his constant fiddling.

Mercury lost his parents in the early state of the war and ended up wandering the streets of Kaon - determined to make his way to Iacon to join the Autobots. Yet he managed to end up in trouble and street fights in almost every turn. It was just one of these street fights with Decepticons that would have probably brought the youngling to death if it wasn't for Blackbullet, who happened to show up and save Mercury.


-Blackbullet: Mentor. After Blackbullet saved Mercury from the streets, he took the youngling with him and decided to take Mercury as his protégé. Mercury, for one, immediately considered Blackbullet the coolest bot he had ever met and was pleased to have someone to train with. Travelling together, the two quickly grew close – even having a father-son-like relationship.

-Redshear: Mercurys trainer and teacher. At first, Redshear objected of taking the young mech to the team. But much to everyone's surprise, the reckless youngling proved to have abilities and interest in science. So, after standing the youngling following him with endless flow of questions long enough, Redshear agreed on taking Mercury as his trainee. Mercury respects and adores the grumpy scientist to no end and Redshear also is very fond of his apprentice, even though the lad very often hits his nerves.


Finally! I get to introduce you the fourth transformer I ever drew..

Mercury here has been quite a trouble.
This ref is the fourth design I made of him - since all the previous ones drove me crazy XD
But I finally nailed it! And now he looks just like himself :aww:

no he's no related to Piper XD Mecury is one of those friends my team encounters during their travels

Mercury (c) :iconcuriouscucumber:

Do not use these characters or artwork without explicit permission. This includes roleplaying, commercial use, taking credit for the characters and/or artwork, copying, tracing, editing or any similar uses of the characters and/or artwork. All rights over the characters and the artwork are reserved to their rightful creator and owner ~ CuriousCucumber
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moondancer11silver Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
moondancer11silver Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
I kind of have this OC and I'd like you to draw her for me. Do you think you could do that?
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Unfortunately I'm not doing requests
however commissions will be opened soon - so keep a lookout on my jounals
RPHedgie Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
--*Neonia gasped at his color scheme in excitement.* "YAY! We both love blue!" *Hugs him tightly.*

Neonia looks like this. :XD:… Sorry, I've been posting a let of stuff on InkBunny lately, mostly general stuff that dA won't let me becausw mobile sucks. ^^;
Oh, and I have a Skype now! My username's Faygo_the_Autobot ^v^

Okay, longest comment on record for me. :XD:
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
And Mercury is not even the only light blue bot in my crew ^^
RPHedgie Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
--*Neonia gasped again.* "Really?! Where's the others?!?!" *She asked excitedly.*
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Two (Blue and Flynn) have already been introduced in my gallery
the rest will come in time ...
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--*Neonia grips your shoulders and got in your face.* "Take me to them, lady!"
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MindScape2903 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
Amazing work!! :thumbsup: :)
Mercury's color scheme looks very similar to Piper's.
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Student General Artist
yes and no - his lacks all the green
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